Innovative Legal Solutions

Today, Lagniappe Law Lab and the Louisiana Bar Foundation launched the Louisiana Civil Legal Navigator. It’s the project I’ve been working on for the past year. I’m so excited to see it come to life and to share it with the world.

The Navigator helps connect self-represented litigants and others with legal information tailored to the user’s specific situation and need.

Legal Information Available

The Louisiana Civil Legal Navigator currently services users seeking information in the areas of:

  • Family law (divorce and child custody),
  • Landlord tenant law, and
  • Employment law.

Users who have not yet filed a lawsuit can learn about their potential courses of action. Those who have been served with a petition can figure out the next steps in the case.

Guided Interview

The Navigator narrows user situations from general to more specific through a series of questions. The questions work a lot like a consultation with an in-person lawyer. Once the Navigator narrows the user’s situation to the appropriate endpoint, the user will be connected to legal information and resources.

Curated Experience

There’s a ton of legal information available online. For self-represented litigants, it can be overwhelming. That’s why the Navigator provides curated content for context: the curated experience helps a user understand how to use the legal information.

Increasing Access to Justice

Self-represented litigants can help themselves if they have enough information to understand what to do and how to do it. The Louisiana Civil Legal Navigator bridges the gap between self-represented litigants and online legal content and guides the user to the information they need.

Need legal assistance?

If you need legal assistance beyond what the Louisiana Civil Legal Navigator offers, contact Westbank Family Law today.

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