About Meagan Lynn Miller

I was born and raised in rural Louisiana, educated in New Orleans, I am now a proud resident of the Westbank. I have what it takes to understand my clients’ situations, develop their best legal arguments, and be their voice in court.

Experienced trial attorney. Millennial entrepreneur. Here when you need me.

After only 5 years of practicing law, I recognized that legal services were outside the budget of most working families, but I was always pressed to bill hours for the firms where I worked. I decided that the traditional law office model was failing my hardworking clients. I envisioned a document-automation application to help hardworking solo practitioners better represent their clients. Then, I set about to create it and improve on the traditional model. Because “the way it has always been done”can certainly be improved.

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How I Got Here

Associate at Hargrove, Smelley, Strickland, & Langley
(2012 – 2014)
I spent my first two years out of law school reviewing land records for oil and gas companies. I gained a working knowledge of Louisiana Public Records Law because HSSL also represented the Bossier Parish Sheriff’s Office. I volunteered to represent juvenile indigent criminal defendants and parents in Child in Need of Care cases, and trained as a Court-Appointed Special Advocate (CASA).

Trial Attorney at Department of Homeland Security
(2014 – 2015)
Because of a rewarding experience in my law school immigration clinic, and because the a DHS office is located in my hometown, I decided to take an opportunity to represent the US in criminal immigrant removal proceedings (deportation). It was one of the most challenging experiences of my life: I spent every day in court and I learned to handle hundreds of cases.

Associate Attorney at Howard & Reed
(2015 – 2019)
After a grueling three years practicing oil and gas and immigration, I moved to New Orleans to take on yet another challenge: family law. Under the mentorship of one of New Orleans’ greatest family law attorneys, I learned to be quick on my feet and stay sharp as an arrow.

Legal Content Manager at Lagniappe Law Lab
(2019 – present)
With a mission in mind to develop a new kind of law practice, I set out to learn the legal technology skills I needed to turn my vision into reality. While writing plain-language content for self-represented litigants in Louisiana, I was able to gain an understanding of the backend technology needed to create a seamless client experience.

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